We go to great depths to assist you in getting the home sale you want!

Whether you're just tossing around the idea or serious about making a move, get in touch with the proven team!

Customized Service

Team Carter is dedicated to satisfaction! Some brokers try to push through the transactions without regard to the client. We're different. We listen. We work for you!

Massive Social Media

From customized Ad campaigns to targeted mailings and more, Team Carter does things far more thoroughly than others in the area - for you!

Top-Notch Tools

Team Carter is linked throughout the Triangle. We're more effective with the tools we use than peers in our industry. Give us a try and see!

We don't stop with the regular steps

Across the Triangle, you'll find brokers doing just "Good Enough" for their clients. We think this is unacceptable. We go beyond good and carry you to GREAT!

We understand our client needs

We take time to listen. We make detailed notes and plans on exactly what is needed to help you. We don't leave things to chance. We work with you to ensure success throughout the process.

The Team to Trust

Mary Carter is dedicated to service. Her team will make things right to make you happy. They work through your needs and continually provide the effort necessary to guarantee the best outcome for you. You're not going to be disappointed with Mary Carter and her team. She's the one to call.

What people are saying...

Doug W.

"Mary was far more patient than I was! Thankful for all she did."

Carl C.

"Mary and Dave made a long distance transaction work out perfectly!"

Estefany R.

"A lifesaver! Mary López Carter understood ME and my needs!"

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