When You Know Hillsborough

Beckett's Ridge and Surrounding Neighborhoods

I have lived in Beckett's Ridge for nearly a decade. Frankly, I'm a fan of it. It's close to I-40 and it's close to I-85. I can go West to Charlotte with ease and head to RDU quickly. It's far enough away from the bustle of Raleigh yet close enough to get to the places I need to visit in the larger city. All in all, I'm happy with this area.

Others may have other preferences and I won't fault anyone for having different opinions on where they'd like to live. As people may say, "To each their own."


2017 Next Door's Neighborhood Favorites

I'm very active in the Hillsborough society. The entire family attends the fun special events (like Hog Day) and enjoys the local pubs and restaurants (like Hot Tin Roof and Pueblo Viejo). 

It took me a few years to really appreciate the benefits of living in Beckett's Ridge and Hillsborough in general. Now, I am a big advocate for the area. I do like other cities in the area. Mebane, Durham, Pittsboro and other neighboring cities are great too. I'm someone who travels around a lot and I'm in those cities often. But, I'm happy to hang my hat in Beckett's Ridge.

If you're looking to move into the area, I'd definitely be happy to show you houses in the Beckett's Ridge and nearby (Cornwallis Hills, Joppa Oaks, Wildwood and others all have something to offer). If you're considering making a move from this area, I hope to help you find the best buyer for your house.

Recently, the people of Next Door honored me with their 2017 Neighborhood Favorites. I'm one of the most active (socially and beyond) Realtors in the area and LOVE helping my neighbors. 

I've established the "Hillsborough Rock Star" networking events to help people in the area build their contacts in local small and medium sized businesses. These events dovetail nicely with the Hillsborough Chamber's events as well.

One thing that I do differently from other Realtors in the area is my very popular "Heroes" program. I've been given the moniker "Realtor for Heroes" because of several ways I work to go beyond the norms of what other Real Estate professionals may do for those who do so much for all of us. For example, if you're a fire professional, saving our lives and properties from the perils of fire and other catastrophes, you're a hero! With heroes, I offer significant savings on both sides of a transaction for real estate. In addition, if you're moving to another State or town outside of my normal transaction area, I work with real estate professionals in the other area to secure better considerations for your transaction. 

Heroes who qualify include: Fire Professionals, Teachers, Law Enforcement, former and active Military and some others. I do this because I've been blessed by the works of heroes in my past and I am expressing my gratitude for those blessings.

About Mary Carter

Mary Carter is a North Carolina Realtor® and cares about customers. Her mission is to "work smarter AND harder" for clients, customers, and fellow real estate professionals. She works smarter by leveraging extensive Social Media Networks and vast knowledge of New Media Technology to deliver Real Estate Excellence! She works harder by listening and dedicating herself to your success.

 Mary López Carter is also fully bi-lingual (Spanish and English).
She's received acclaim for guiding Spanish speaking clients through the processes of buying and selling real estate in North Carolina.

 Mary López Carter es completamente bilingüe (español e inglés).
Ella ayuda a la communidad hispana para guiar en la compra y venta de bienes raíces en Carolina del Norte.

Mary and her North Carolina Real Estate team will gladly assist you in all residential real estate questions and perhaps transactions. Simply get in touch with Mary today by visiting this link today. Or, you could always call the team at (919)728-1088 and leave a message for an immediate call-back.

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