Having the guidance of a top notch Realtor® like Mary Carter can give you the edge you need in selling your house for the best price for you.

How to Sell your House for Top Dollar

Face it, some people have a knack for it. Some people can sell a stick of gum, a car or a pair of used rollerblades and get top dollar for the item. When you're selling something, you may be not quite so gifted.

If you're selling your house, there are some tips that are very useful to give you the edge in getting the highest price possible. Aside from working with a skilled Realtor® (of course I'd love to help you with the sale of your house!), there are a number of great tricks which you should follow that will help your house achieve a higher offer and sale price.


Set the correct price point when pricing your home for sale

This one is one of the biggest for me. I see potential customers getting "ripped off" by real estate brokers who aren't savvy with their pricing. It's true, there are a lot of good strategies which you can follow to price your home. But, there is one strategy which nearly always works. To keep it simple, I'll give a quick summary only.

First, make sure the broker does a detailed BPO (broker price opinion) or similar. They really need to take the time to do the best estimate of the property's selling price. They're not, in any way, determining the value of the house. But, they are giving an opinion of what the house should sell for at that time (not in the future). Since things change over time, the opinion will also change. Don't think that an appraisal you received a couple of years ago (higher or lower) is really valid today.

Team Carter really wants to help you get the most for your house when it's time to sell.

Second, use that price opinion to set your OWN price. Yes, it's ok to work with a broker. But YOU set the price. Don't let the broker do this. When you set the price, be sure to do your own homework. Although you can't really rely on Zillow (there are so many reasons why Zillow is a poor starting point for pricing), you can at least look at their site. Also look elsewhere for pricing. Take a look at Realtor.com for neighboring homes. Don't go far from where the subject property is, different neighborhoods have different value models. Figure out a price that makes you feel good and compare it to the BPO. Your price shouldn't stray too far from the BPO since they likely did follow reasonable methods for market price determination. Once you have a number in mind, consider where that number is in possible searches. This part is where so many brokers foul things up. Let's say for instance that you have a house that is valued at $300,000. The BPO reveals $300,000 but the broker, for some insane reason, decides her client is better off pricing the house at $295,000. Street logic would tell you "oh, this is under market value and everyone will compete for it." Wrong. What happens is the BUYER's agent is helping the buyers look for homes too. They will often look for a house from $300k ato $350k as their price range. When a broker or house hunter is looking for a house, they Don't go looking for $295 and above. (Some do, to be fair, but very few!) They look for $300 to $350k! So when a broker tries to convince you to underprice the home so more people will think it's a bargain, push back.

Get a talented listing agent.

I think this is the most important, frankly. This is because I've seen where listing agents with little skill have left money on the table for their clients. Worse, I've seen listing agents appear to be incompetent with their listings (Horrible photographs, spelling errors throughout the listing, missing dimensions, descriptions of rooms that don't exist and more). A listing agent is supposed to work with you, the Seller, to BEST represent the property being sold. They work for you. If you had an employee only halfway do their job, why would you keep them? Be sure your agent shows the talent which you are paying them to use. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that you signed with them, you're stuck with them.

Stage the home properly - attend to curb appeal.

I agree that upgrades and other things like fresh paint really make a house look better and sell for more. That's pretty much a given. However, I've seen homes that sold for more than expected just because basic staging and details were set. If the outside looks atrocious as the prospective buyers drive up, how to do think things are going to go? Yes, some buyers go in thinking "wow, what a dump!" and they will make an offer accordingly. If you want great offers, make the house look great from inside and out. If you have the time, go ahead and do more advanced upgrades (make sure they're worth the investment), but be absolutely sure you clean up the house, remove funky smelling things (if you have teens, you know what I mean), clean the floors, wipe down surfaces, remove clutter and so on. Do the same thing outside. If you have a nice stand of poison ivy growing in your front yard, it's a good idea to remove it. While you're doing that, trim around trees, bushes and more. Make the yards look like they're inviting. Then, go ask a friend or neighbor for their inside and outside opinion. Tell them to be honest. You'd be surprised at how "blind" you may have become to your own stuff. Yes, that garish mustard yellow paint you thought was the best ever for your kitchen may not be so great after all.


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