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Mary Carter is a North Carolina Realtor® and cares about her customers. Her mission is to "work smarter AND harder" for clients, customers, and fellow real estate professionals.

Mary and her team (which includes David Pratt Carter, Ziglar Certified Trainer and Business Coach) bring to North Carolina real estate a higher expectation in service quality. They go the extra mile to provide professional coverage in all ways. This includes gorgeous home photos for sellers, patient guidance through the home-financing for buyers and so much more.

Take a few moments to frequently catch up with the team and their staff as they provide the best in Real Estate advice.


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You can find the answers here!

Buyers: Get your Finances in Order

It's amazing how many people must wake up one day and exclaim, "I'm going to buy a house!" but not have the homework completed. It's a good idea to do some homework into your own financial condition before you embark on the house-hunting.

Check your credit score to make sure you’ll get preapproved by a lender. Even if you show enough income, a blemished credit history may disqualify you from the best rates.

Buyers: What's the Best Mortgage to get?

This is one of those "personal questions". Not like "boxers or briefs", but it really depends on the person or the couple. For example, identifying whether a 15-year or a 30-year loan is right for you requires a bit of homework and dialogue with a lender. 

Of course, you could either already be independently wealthy, a great saver (pay cash for your home!) or the beneficiary of some windfall. 

We suggest you discuss loan options with a qualified lender.

Buyers: What's the Best Offer Amount?

This one is really a combination of guesswork and science. Some deals turn out to be nearly all science (these, we love!). The best plan is to work with your Buyer's Agent to get as much information on the property, the area, and your own situation to make an intelligent decision. 

Your Agent should provide you with a list of comparable properties (Comps) in the area. Use this data to help determine for yourself what is a fair offer. Keep in mind, regardless of what the Agent determines is a good price for the property, you're still the decision-maker.

We know that some people like to do things themselves. For example, some people like to cut their own hair. We know this is possible but you just have to ask yourself: "Is it worth it?"

For many people, they realize that their time is valuable. They also realize that their skills may not overlap the task or tasks at hand. This is why having a trained Real Estate professional on your side is helpful.

Not only is trained very helpful, but someone who actually cares (and has the skills coupled with that care), can make all the difference in the world.

Take a moment to learn from some of the tips, hacks, tricks and articles provided by Mary Carter and the rest of the team. We hope you pick up something that will help you with your home. If you should ever need help in the real estate market, no matter where you are, consider calling Mary Carter first. She's capable and would love to help you step in the right direction.

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